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on media literacy
Join the course and learn to resist disinformation. Make media literacy a part of your lifestyle!
Stay tuned for news!
The course units cover everything you need to know about resisting disinformation in the media and building healthy media skills.
Kill two birds with one stone! Become more media-savvy and improve your English skills.
Forget about long old-school lectures. And learn via videos, podcasts, articles, animations, and short-reads.
How many times a day do you check your newsfeed or discuss news with friends? We receive regular updates and notifications from so many different sources — messengers, emails, media. It's trendy to "be informed", so we willingly open ourselves to as much information as possible. The information around us can, however, mislead us and overload our minds.

Just as coffee helps our bodies to stay awake, we need critical thinking to keep our minds focused and alert. We believe that as coffee has become a part of the daily routine for many of us, so should media literacy.

The online course "Verified. Course on media literacy" explains how to manage the information around us, and recognize disinformation and propaganda.

So how about some critical thinking with coffee to go?
2-3 minutes
Small coffee with short, concise reads and informative visuals
Up to 10 minutes
Detailed videos and articles go well with medium coffee
Coffee with Croissant
Up to 30 minutes
In-depth longreads, interviews, and podcasts. Get your big mug of coffee and enjoy!
Up for more?
We have quizzes, games, tests, and additional materials
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"Verified! Course on Media Literacy" is developed as a part of "Learn to Discern in Schools" project funded by the United States Embassy in Ukraine, the British Embassy in Ukraine, implemented by IREX with support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The information and views set out in the course do not reflect the official opinion of the United States Embassy, the British Embassy not the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.
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