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Graduate as an Ambassador of healthy media-user lifestyle. Take a test and receive a certificate!
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Final Test
Congratulations! There is only one last step that keeps you from graduating as an ambassador of a healthy media-user lifestyle!

It's time for a final test – it will measure how well you've learned course material and whether you are now able to confidently navigate through the information space. The test includes different types of questions: article, facts and opinions analysis as well as other tasks.

In order to pass the test and get a certificate, you have to score 23 points and more out of 38. Therefore, pay your fullest attention to the test, as you only have one try!

The certificate will include your name, last name and number of hours the course lasts – 12 hours. Be careful while filling out your personal information – you don't want to misspell your name You will receive a certificate in 10 days via the email you mention in the google form.

After the final test questions, we will kindly ask you to take a questionnaire. Your responses will help us make an online course better!

Thank you for taking a "Very Verified: Online Course on Media Literacy"! We were happy to have you!

Good luck!