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The course will be released on September 24!
How many times a day do you check your newsfeed or discuss the news with friends?
We receive regular updates and notifications from so many different sources—
messengers, emails, and the news media, for example. It's trendy to "be informed", so
we willingly open ourselves up to as much information as possible. If we are not
careful, this information can mislead and overwhelm us!

Just as coffee helps our bodies stay awake, we need critical thinking to keep our minds
focused and alert. We believe that like coffee has become a part of many people's daily
routine, media literacy should as well.

This course will help you evaluate the information flows in your daily life and equip you
with skills you can use to recognize disinformation and propaganda.

So, how about some critical thinking to go with your coffee?
Learning format
2-3 minutes
Small coffee with short, concise reads and informative visuals
Up to 10 minutes
Detailed videos and articles go well with medium coffee
Coffee with Croissant
Up to 30 minutes
In-depth longreads, and interviews. Get your big mug of coffee and enjoy!
Up for more?
We have quizzes, games, tests, and additional materials
You will learn
Unit 1. Media Landscape
What is modern media and how does it work? Identify your media habits and types of information you engage. Learn to differentiate facts from opinions and recognize manipulative content.
Unit 2. Traditional Media
Why is it important to know who owns which media? What is editorial policy and editorial firewall? Learn to understand who decides which information gets to you.
Unit 3. Social Media
Can social media be a reliable news source? Learn how social media algorithms work, and how they lock us in a filter bubble and isolate us from diverse opinions.
Unit 4. Misinformation and Manipulation
Learn to recognize different types of manipulation in traditional and social media: fakes, disinformation, bots, trolls and more.
Unit 5. Wrapping Up
Adopt the Rule of Four Checks and other tips that will protect you from manipulation traps.
Graduate as an Ambassador of healthy media-user lifestyle. Take a test and receive a certificate!
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